Empowering kids and families through yoga and mindfulness

Empowering kids and families through yoga and mindfulness.


Making positive impact to children and families through exercise, yoga & mindfulness, and fun & playful activities. 


The Yogi Bunch helps children and families to feel happy, connected and empowered.


Carly is a Kids & Family Yoga Instructor who works with children and families. She curates fun activities to empower children through yoga, exercise and mindfulness. Carly believes children need the necessary tools to navigate through life just as much as adults do.


"My young children love Carly's fun family yoga! They're exhausted afterwards and I enjoy the relaxation with them at the end."

-Melinda Baxter - Mum of Alberta & Bonnie


Classes at The Yogi Bunch are facilitated through our highest value - love! 

Do you want to build a deeper relationship with your family? 

Come play, have fun and come away feeling happy, loved and connected.
Be connected!